Thursday, Nov 10, 2022

Last month we looked at 4 of the top 2022 Fitness trends: Personal Trainers, Wearable Technology, Group Workouts, and Yoga. To learn more about these visit

This month we are going to learn about 4 other trends that have taken gyms by storm in 2022. So let’s dive in. 

1. High-Intensity Workouts

You may be familiar with the term High-Intensity Interval Training. More and more people are jumping in on this regime, and it can be highly effective.  As a participant, you perform several high-intensity workouts with short intervals of low-intensity sessions. This is a great program choice for someone who wants to get in share quickly.

2. Senior Fitness

Senior citizens are becoming more health-conscious and in tune with their overall fitness needs.  This has led to people living longer healthier lives, and it has created the need for specific workout programs geared toward this age group. Here at we recommend the Silver Sneakers program and we offer additional support through other classes such as yoga.  Take a look at our up coming classes and join in. 

3. Bodyweight Training

Bodyweight training is a regiment that assists you in getting into shape through the use of your own body. This is done by implementing exercises like the plank, push-ups, and other similar activities. Because these exercises are only based on your body weight, they generally don’t require any equipment. But it is safer if this form of exercise is done in a gym setting with a safe surface workout area.

4. Medical Exercise

Exercise is now becoming one of the more prescribed forms of treatment for patients who are experiencing a range of disorders. Physiotherapy is growing incredibly popular, and people are constantly being told to engage in some form of exercise to maintain good health. This is something that is essential, even for those who aren’t facing any immediate medical conditions.

As we begin to wrap up 2022 we are already looking ahead to 2023.  Whatever the trends, Star Fitness will keep you informed and be ready to provide you with all the latest classes and equipment. If you have any questions about these trends or any other fitness questions contact us