Monday, Dec 19, 2022

Most of us think that the holidays are the perfect time to break our routines and take time off from the gym.  Don’t get me wrong a little R&R is good for the soul, it can rejuvenate and help us become even more determined in our quest for a healthy lifestyle.  But we should not devote ourselves to a total derail like sleeping in, eating and drinking more, and basically becoming a holiday couch potato.  Here are a few reasons why we believe you should not fall into the holiday trap.  

Breaking Routine

We all have a tendency to never go back when we break our routines.  So instead of not going to the gym at all during the holidays try shortening your work out or instead of 3 classes a week opt for 2. 

Holiday Stress

We all know the holidays can be super stressful, so what better way of combating the extra stress than a good workout before the inlaws arrive? According to the American Psychological Association exercise is the perfect antidote for stress. 

More Energy

Keeping up with a busy holiday schedule can be exhausting.  The first thing we usually consider cutting out of the schedule is, our gym time. But according to an article from Harvard Health Publishing, that should be the last activity to remove from the holiday calendar. This blog describes how exercise actually increases our energy and what better time is there to get an energy boost.  

Mood Booster

Not everyone finds the holidays particularly joyful. In fact, for those who have recently lost family members, have split with a partner, or those already struggling with loneliness, the holidays can be extra painful. Therefore exercise during the holidays can become an instant mood booster.  Plus just being around other people who are also in the gym can put a smile on your face as well. 

Holiday Weight Gain

No one wants to turn down all those amazing holiday treats. But we also don’t want to step on the scales in January to realize we just gain 15 pounds. Exercise can combat this risk by burning calories, and by maintaining muscle mass which sustains metabolic rate. So if we continue to work out we can eat drink and be merry without all the extra stress of weight gain. 

If you feel you need help staying on track over the holidays stop by our desk and let us help by finding you a holiday accountability workout partner.  As we all know, we are in this together!