Thursday, Mar 10, 2022

Around the globe, for thousands of years, people have been practicing yoga. It is a combination of physical and mental exercises. The benefits of yoga are for everyone, young, old, overweight, or fit and there are no physical requirements.

So what is yoga? Yoga is an exercise centered around specific poses that are combined with breathing techniques and meditation. A mat is truly the only necessity for yoga. Although occasionally blocks, straps, blankets, and chairs are used to assist in poses that may be more difficult. Yoga is an individualized exercise and allows one to set a goal and participate at any level.

What are the benefits of yoga? A complete routine yoga workout can benefit the body in many ways.

  • Strengthen bones: In some individuals, yoga has been shown to have increased bone density in their spine and hips, compared to people who do not practice yoga.
  • Reduce back pain: Weekly yoga classes can relieve symptoms of low back pain due to intense stretching.
  • Improve balance: One Dr. suggests that athletes can display better balance due to yoga classes.
  • Stave off mental decline: “Over time, yoga’s effects also are believed to slow the natural aging process — there is less brain shrinkage in the areas of the brain that process information and store memories”
  • Reduce stress: A number of studies have shown that yoga may help reduce stress and anxiety. Yoga can enhance your mood and overall sense of well-being. Yoga might also help you manage your symptoms of depression and anxiety that are due to difficult situations.
  • Relieve depression: In a study of coal miners with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, or C.O.P.D., yoga was shown to help get depression under control.

Botton line, a well-balanced series of yoga exercises gives you the opportunity to scan your entire body, noting how you feel as you move through the poses. You will begin to listen to your body and get in touch with yourself. So don’t be intimidated by yoga terminology or complicated poses. Grab a mat and join a class here at Star fitness today.

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